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Many churches today do not believe that the Bible offers any guidance for worship. Many approaches to worship can be found, from entertainment, to comedy, to a spiritual seminar. We respectfully disagree with all these approaches. We believe that the Bible has a great deal more to say about the elements, orders, structure, and content of our worship than most modern evangelicals realize.

When you come to worship at Bethel do not expect to be entertained or lectured. Expect a worship service in which God is the audience and we, the congregation, are the actors. Be prepared to participate meaningfully and intensively through vigorous singing, through corporate prayers, Scripture reading, and the confession of our faith.  Expect music that reinforces sound and true theology, not music that is sentimental and vapid. We sing songs, hymns and spiritual songs, and make use of the current musical talents in the congregation. Expect a whole-hearted belief in, and reverence for, the Word of God and proclamation from it that will give no quarter to sin, and leave no place to hide from the love of God in Christ.

After worship, expect warm and prolonged fellowship in our fellowship hall around coffee and light refreshments. If you are open to the Spirit of God’s work in your life, expect growth in grace and opportunities for service to the Lord and others in his name.