The Protestant Reformation of the 15th and 16th centuries had the goal of reforming the church according to the Scriptures as they had been historically understood and interpreted by the church. The twenty-first century has brought a renewed interest in Reformed Christianity but many of the modern promoters of it have not been educated in Reformed institutions and are not members of Reformed churches. This is a bit like a single person who has never been married teaching others how to have an effective and meaningful marriage. Worse, many people have gotten their ideas about Reformed Christianity from hackneyed and grossly caricatured and inaccurate social media memes.


George “Chip” Hammond

What is Reformed Christianity? is a ten-week study offered on Wednesday nights to interested groups of five or more committed people at locations to be determined in Loudoun County based on the individual group.

The course is taught by Dr. George “Chip” Hammond. He is the pastor of Bethel Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Leesburg, Va.

Converted to a robust faith in Christ from a nominal Roman Catholicism and practical atheism while a freshman at a state university, he developed a love for authentic Reformed Christianity.

Hammond did his Master of Divinity degree at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, graduating Summa Cum Laude, and shortly after was ordained and installed by the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic region to serve as pastor of Bethel Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Leesburg. Two years later he was elected by the Presbytery to serve on the Candidates and Credentials Committee as Chairman and principal examiner in systematic theology and Koine Greek.

In 2010 he began his doctoral studies at Gordon-Conwell Seminary. His doctoral dissertation on the image of God and intellectual disability was picked up and published by P&R Publishing in 2017 in its Reformed Academic Dissertation series. In addition to his pastoral work, Hammond is a Senior Teaching Fellow with the C.S. Lewis Institute and in his spare time teaches Greek at the Loudoun Classical School.

He describes himself as “graciously Reformed” (as opposed to belligerently Reformed) and is eager to teach people from any tradition who want to find out more about authentic Reformed Christianity, which he believes to be the most biblically accurate (and in seed form, the oldest) expression of the Christian faith. If you’ve got a group of five or more committed people, to schedule a ten-week course.

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