From Dust to Partakers of the Divine Nature

Where are you going in life? Where are you headed? What awaits you? What are you actively seeking to become?

If you ask a hundred people that question, you’re apt to get a hundred different answers. Some will tell you that they are headed for college, or a particular career, headed for marriage, or parenthood, a promotion, or retirement. But in an ultimate sense, where are you headed? You can only answer that question by asking another: where did you came from?

The modern creation story, the one that surrounds you and that you often take for granted provides an answer. You derive your existence from a universe that sprang into existence with no cause that we can determine. Whatever the cause however, the modern story assures us that it was naturalistic, for there is nothing beyond nature.

The modern creation account tells us that there was no design or plan to the universe, it just happened. And in an amazing series of chance coincidences life arose on our planet that eventually developed into us as a species and you as you a human being. It is all a grand, marvelous, and wonderful accident. Humans are a grand, marvelous, and wonderful accident. And you are a grand, marvelous, and wonderful accident. Your life has no real purpose, no real meaning. You therefore can assign any meaning you want to it. But the “meaning” doesn’t mean much, for the “meaning” will last only as long as you live. Whether your life is long or short, in the grand scheme of the universe your life has no meaning. Whether you experience joy or misery, whether you bring joy or misery to others does not ultimately matter. Nothing and no one, including you and those you love, really matters.

The Scriptures tell an alternative story, a story in which everything matters, and everyone matters supremely. In the first story, we are the highest known form of life in the universe, but our life is meaningless. In the second story, God is the highest possible life. He made the universe with a purpose, and made us with a beginning that is every bit as humble as the first story, but with a dignity and destiny that the modern story cannot provide and in fact contradicts.

Join us to learn this life-transforming alternative to the modern story.