Does God take church attendance seriously? Should we?

Three pastors were discussing the mouse problem they were having at their churches. The first pastor said, “It was a terrible problem, but we finally just got a pair of cats, one is an indoor cat, the other an outdoor cat. The congregation has grown quite fond of them and we never see mice anymore.” The second pastor said, “We hired a pest control company. We don’t have to worry about the feeding or care of animals in the building, and it’s worked well. We’ve barely seen any signs of mice since they’ve been on the job.”

The two pastors looked at the third and one of them said, “What about your church? Have you been able to take care of you mouse problem?” “Yes, we certainly have. It’s no long a problem at all.” The two pastors said, “Well tell us, what did you do?" The third pastor said, "I just baptized all the mice. After that we never saw them again."

Last week we looked at what the Bible had to say about church membership. We saw that church membership is not a man-made contrivance, but a teaching of Scripture that God takes seriously, and we ought to take it seriously too. The mouse story highlights the flip-side of that issue – people who see the importance of church membership (baptism is how people are received into the church) but are not so committed to attending the church they are members of.