The Bible itself guides and directs our worship. Worship is not entertainment, a concert, or a spiritual how-to seminar or lecture. It is rather a time to gather to declare publicly and loudly that God is worthy (“worthship”) of our praise, our adoration, our thanksgiving, our love, our loyalty and our service.

Expect a worship service in which God is the audience and we, the congregation, are the actors. Be prepared to participate meaningfully and intensively through vigorous singing, through corporate prayers, congregational Scripture reading, and the confession of our faith. Expect music that reinforces sound and true teaching. Expect a whole-hearted belief in, and reverence for, the Word of God and proclamation from it that will provide no excuse for sin and leave no place to hide from the love of God in Christ.

After worship, expect warm and prolonged fellowship in our fellowship hall around coffee and light refreshments. If you are open to the Spirit of God’s work in your life, expect growth in grace and opportunities for service to the Lord and others in his name.